Sunday, July 18, 2010


My adventures with Dr. Nellie in Greenville didn't stop with the mango margs and queso. We went to this incredibly little hip jazz joint to see a friend of hers play some fantastic music.

Not only did we get the VIP treatment - our table was actually on the stage (yes, ON the stage) - but the food was pretty smackin' too.

We started with a glass of pinot noir...nice and smooth...ahhh....

Then, as an appetizer, we split this amazing shrimp bruschetta that had a warm, creamy, garlicky sauce drizzled over a perfectly cooked shrimp on top of a piece of warm, soft crostini. Heaven on a plate, I'm telling you.

The warmth and creaminess of this bruschetta was such a delightful contrast to the traditional cool tomato, onion and cilantro version that you typically find.

For the main course, I took a walk on the wild side for me...crab salad.

Not the mayonnaise-drenched kind that is stuffed between two pieces of oversized bread. The fresh, light, summery kind with giant chunks of rich lump crab meat, juicy tomato chunks, crunchy onions and soft, smooth slices of avocado. If California could fit on a plate, this would be it.

To top it off, the darn thing was plated as a tower of deliciousness drizzled with a wonderful horseradish remoulade and balsamic glaze. Yumm-y.

If only dinner at my house was this lovely...

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