Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Basil: The Perfect Herb

Basil, oh sweet basil. This divine herb is God's gift of freshness to food. The bright, lemony, crispness that it brings to any dish - pasta pomodoro, chicken salad, or even a simple bowl of tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper - is enough to send me swooning like a girl giddy for her prom date.

This spring, I decided (once again...) to try my hand at growing basil myself, so as to have this perfection at my disposal anytime. In the past, I've had a brown thumb with herbs, but 2009 was a new year, and anything is possible with resolution! (And my green-thumb gurus on speed dial.)

As I picked up my annual assortment of spring flowers at my local Home Depot, I strategically surveyed the bountiful selection of herbs. Carefully, I chose the sweet basil plant that looked most hearty. After all, this poor plant had a long road ahead with me...

After replanting the starter in a pot of its own, to my surprise, a few weeks and waterings later, my basil plant had grown inches and was sprouting new leaves daily. Success! Now, I just walk out my back door and with the snip of some scissors, I have perfection in living form any time. My taste buds are singing from the homemade pesto, pasta sauce, chicken salad, and other creations I've enhanced with this perfection.

There is almost nothing more pleasing to my soul than washing up a basil bunch, fresh off the vine, and feeling the softness of the leaves in my fingers as I delicately julienne the leaves, releasing the intoxicating smell of pure bliss. Ah, basil, the perfect herb.


  1. Mmmmm. It makes me want a caprese salad

  2. This is my Year Two of owning my own basil plants, and oh my - I'm addicted. Just the smell alone makes me so happy.

  3. No ode to love ever rang truer! My neighbors' porches are littered with beer cans, but mine is the proud home of a little basil plant. If someone figures out how to grow it successfully indoors during the winter, please share. K, congrats on greening that thumb!