Saturday, October 10, 2009

Until Next Time Blacksburg...

So, I've now managed to make my trip to Blacksburg last well over an extra week (impressive, huh?), I supposed it is time that I share the last meal that I ate in the cozy house on Dehart (sniff, sniff).

It was perfect: leftovers. And folks, I mean l-e-f-t-o-v-e-r-s. We had just a sliver of gouda left that we sliced up, threw together with some crispy, smoky bacon; juicy, Virginia-grown beefsteak tomatoes; and full, green lettuce on two pieces of lightly toasted bread. Smother that with homemade garlic herb mayonnaise, and you've got the perfect Saturday afternoon sandwich.

Each bite filled with tomato juiciness, spicy garlic, savory herbs, and crunchy bacon with a creamy gouda tang. (Seriously, I'm licking my lips as I write this.) Try it. You won't regret it. Really. We paired the sandwich with leftover mac and cheese, and voila - leftovers like none other. I think the mac and cheese was better the second time around (or maybe it was just the company and fabulously fun plate I was eating it off of).

On the rainy drive to the Charlotte airport, Rebecca and I reminisced about the delicious treats we had made over the days and talked of ways to spice them up or improvise for another mouth-watering twist on them. What if you added soft, sweet squash to the cheddar corn chowder? Or rich, decadent lobster to the mac and cheese? Or some sweet dried berries to the maple oatmeal scones? Really, we talked for three hours...and could have kept going.

My first visit to Blacksburg, Va. will be forever remembered fondly for many reasons, the mac and cheese being at the top of the list. I'm so thankful for dear friends like Rebecca - who are just as obsessive as I am about food and cooking - and highly recommend you all find one too!

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  1. That sandwich! I wish I had the fixins for one now.

    Last night, I heated the last of the gouda cheese sauce - which lasted and kept forever, happily - over bowtie pasta. I seared some sliced green pepper and tossed with . . . a great addition.