Monday, December 14, 2009

Sugary Loot

This is the best part of a cookie exchange: coming home with a plate (or two) of cookies that will make all your holiday guests think you've been baking for months in preparation for their arrival.

Check out my sugary loot...

I came home with two plates full of all these cookies. Yes, I did.

If you've never been to a cookie exchange, it works like this: everyone brings a few dozen cookies and guests circle the table filling their plates with goodies from everyone's platters until all the cookies are gone.

Then, you bring the cookies home and serve them throughout the season! (If you're like me and can't keep you fingers out of the cookie jar, you can freeze them and pull them out a few hours before serving.)

This little get-together has become a holiday tradition...if you got these kind of goodies (for FREE), wouldn't you go back for more?

After the sugary fun is over, I get to hang out with this cutie.

How bad can that be?

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  1. You're killin' me! Why do I read your blog when I'm hungry????