Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pimm's What?

My college roomies and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a trip to the beach complete with succulent shrimp and salmon on the grill, light and lemony cheesecake with a cherry-raspberry sauce that would knock your socks off, and my very first Pimm's Cup!

What's that you say? It's a fantastically refreshing summer drink that our friends the Brits (cheerio!) fill with luscious fruit and crisp cucumber, a dash of Pimm's (that's a liquor in case you didn't know...I didn't), and top off with fizzy ginger ale.

Dr. Nellie has been dying to make this drink for us for quite some time now (she's having a love affair with England). And I must admit, the red wine lunatic in me was a bit skeptical, but the verdict is in: fantastico!

Here's how it works...You start by cutting the fruit and cucumbers.

You put it in a glass.

Then you add the Pimm's.

Isn't it a fun bottle?

Then you top it off with the ginger ale.

And's fun in a glass!

And this is how much Dr. Nellie likes it...


  1. Looks delish! What is the herb in there? Mint?

  2. You had me until cucumber...