Sunday, February 13, 2011

Will You Be My Valentine?

I'm a snob, I admit it. When it comes to Valentine's Day, I do hail my decorating abilities as something sort of magical. My Valentine's box (you know, the one your elementary teachers had you bring for the class party) was always the envy of my classmates. Adorned with metallic red hearts, pink and red rose stickers, lacy white doilies and enough glitter to overwhelm even Tinkerbell, I was not messing around. No ma'am.

Making this box each year with my grandmother is one of my favorite childhood memories. She always had a magical selection of stickers and ribbon and sparkly things. (And I'm certain the National Gallery of Art would have been interested in displaying at least one of my masterpieces.)

Even though I'm older and no longer make shoeboxes to hold my "love notes," I still love Valentine's Day. Some people wear black if they don't have a sweetheart or walk around brooding because Cupid hasn't shared his arrow with them, but I think this day is the perfect day to celebrate everyone I love - whether they are furry, four-legged, related or not!

So, this magnificent creation is for you...

(Well, ok, it's really for me, but I'll enjoy it for you!)


I love me. I mean you.


  1. I will be your Valentine! If you share one of those cupcakes with me . . .

  2. And this is reason 879 why we are friends! I love Valentine's day, too! Had some girlies over for wine and cheese and chocolate tonight.
    And LOOK AT THAT CUPCAKE! I neeeed one.