Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Room Service?

Oh yeah, I'm a jet-setter. (Insert ridiculous laughing.) Well, mostly it's just travel for work, which always sounds a lot more glamorous than it really ends up being.

Tonight, I flew into our nation's capital for business this coming week, and am staying at the "luxury boutique" hotel, the St. Gregory on M street in the thick of everything here in D.C. (And, I'm having a relapse of my 20-something obsession of "I wanna live and work in this city full of youth and ambition and excitement!" Ok, that's done.)

Exhausted and already missing my own bed, I decided to order room service. Something that should be luxurious, yet was really just a quick and simple way to get some protein and veggies in me for the day.

And, the last few times I've ordered room service, I would have been better off with last week's leftovers and a pickle.

On the menu: a salmon Caesar salad and nice cold glass of Sauvingon Blanc.

Drum roll please...


Yes, those are fresh flowers! The salad was divine with its crisp, green Romaine lettuce perfectly chilled and dusted with shaved Parmesan with a bite so smooth, I'd swear it was butter.

The salmon was perfectly cooked - crisp and golden brown on the outside, flaky and moist on the inside. Divinity. Seriously.

Hail to the Room Service Godesses!

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