Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Delights

Preamble:  Hello my friends. I have missed you. The truth is, that there have been some things brewing these past few months that kept me from relishing in my foodie obsession, much to my dismay and displeasure. I will spare you all the details, but the past months have kind of thrown me for a loop. I'm working on getting back in the mood for food and hope to post lots more very soon!

This Easter was an especially delightful holiday for me. I don't know that there is one specific reason, but I was much more sentimental and spiritual than usual. Maybe it's because here in the South, we've been overwhelmed by beautiful azaleas, flowers popping up in all the colors of a rainbow and yes, covered in pollen, for the past month now.

Or, perhaps it was the sight of the amazing cross covered in flowers on the lawn of my church on Easter Sunday.

Or the Easter cupcakes.

Or, maybe it's my new car! (Well, it's technically used, but it still has that "new car" smell.)

These past weeks, I have just really been enjoying the little things. I've had some really good glasses of wine (and a few glasses of bubbly sprinkled in for good measure). I've eaten the fruits of spring...asparagus, strawberries, jelly beans (well, these are the fruit of Brach's, but hey). My sunroof has been down at every possible moment. I've taken the scenic route anywhere possible. I've turned the music up a little louder and sang my heart out. I've walked Max outside instead of walking myself on the treadmill. I've read books for pure pleasure, and I've sat on the porch admiring my mini garden of hostas and caladiums and ferns.

It has truly been delightful! And this season particularly, I am grateful because I know that I am so blessed. With family, friends, provision, dreams, hopes, desires, passions. That makes every moment delightful.

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  1. Hurrah! I want to hear more soon. Hopefully in person . . .